Xmri.com Website Review & Ratings + XMRI Coupons
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Xmri.com Website Review & Ratings + XMRI Coupons

XMRI: Products & Services

XMRI.com is a subsidiary of USARAD.com, radiologist-run and operated full-service subspecialty radiology and teleradiology company. It provides second opinion on radiological test reports like MRI, CT, Mammography, Ultrasound, X-ray and nuclear radiology. Obtaining expert second opinion before finalizing course of treatment is very useful in making proper choice of treatment avoiding likely errors.. For this the patient or doctor can upload the test reports on line and get the evaluation done very fast on line by XMRI. Full details of their services are available in their website.

XMRI: Company Background

Their headquarters is at New Jersey and they have service facilities spread all over US. Their website does not provide information regarding ownership and history. However, their website mentions that XMRI is privately owned and operated by professional radiologists without nonmedical interests, corporate bureaucracy, or middlemen. They have established a   network of 50 accredited radiologists spread all over US. They are following latest IT technology to ensure fast processing and response of radiological test reports received from patients or doctors. They claim that the technology is developed by them and they have applied for patent.

XMRI: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Open reviews of XMRI are not available when searched through Google. However the testimonials displayed at their website are full of praise for the services provided by XMRI. They have system in place to ensure high level of consistency across their interpretation of radiological reports. They claim to have set up a very rigorous quality control system.

XMRI: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Apart from citing some testimonials from customers, their site does not provide materials for customer review. Their website does not mention any accreditation, certification or awards won by them. However the testimonials from past customers indicate that the users of XMRI services are highly delighted by the extra-ordinary and extremely beneficial performance of XMRI.They are not accredited by the BBB.

XMRI: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa traffic ranking for their website is 2,995,466 and in US it is 548,176. Google Page Rank is 2/10. Very elaborate details regarding XMRI website performance is available in Statmyweb.

From this website, we find that XMRI website is around 9 years old. It gets 9 visitors per day and gets 10 page views per day.

XMRI: Social Media Presence

XMRI’s website does not provide any information regarding their presence in any social media. However they have a blog which gets updated around once in two months. Their website displays logo of Facebook. Their Facebook page shows 16 likes. The report of website analysis compiled by Statmyweb states that Google had indexed 13 pages, Yahoo had indexed 12 pages and Bing had indexed 10 pages of this website.

XMRI: Website Security & Safety

They take payment by popular credit cards. But their website does not mention the security aspects. The google safe browsing diagnostic tool showed the website as safe with no suspicious activity. However full  details of evaluation of the website is available in “Statmyweb”. Results of validation by “Statmyweb” do not indicate any adverse report about their website.

XMRI: Pricing & Packages

Fee structure for this company is as given below.

For MRI-$99. CT and Mammography-$89. Ultrasound-$69, X-ray-$29, Nuclear radiology-$79. Fee quoted by a similar service provider, MetisMd’s Services is given below. For MRI, CT, Mammography and Nuclear radiology-$250 each. For Ultrasound and X-ray-$150 each.This shows prices of XMRI are comparatively cheaper than competitors.

XMRI: Shipping Rates & Policies

This company delivers reports on line and therefore no shipping is generally involved. Customer has to give credit card particulars before assigning the work to XMRI. Fees are charged to credit card. They do their jobs quite promptly. It appears they render their service internationally. However if customer mails a hard copy (films), there will be a $30 additional fee and $20 if the films have to be returned. For interpretation of a hard copy $30 has to be added.

XMRI: Payment Methods Accepted

Their website does not have any page explaining acceptable methods of payment at all. Their accepted payment method appears to be through widely popular credit cards. Pictures of Mastercard, Visa, Amex and other credit cards are displayed at their website. Details of acceptability of other payment methods are not mentioned in their website.

XMRI: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The website states that refund of payment is possible any time before radiology second opinion report is issued or consultation is performed. After the report is issued and consultation is performed, no refund is possible. However review of XMRI was not available when searched in Google. Therefore we cannot say whether this is fully honored.

XMRI: Product images & screenshots
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